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The Town of Blooming Grove Police Department was established on
July 8, 1974 with a resolution by the Blooming Grove Town Board.  
Many of the newcomers to the area would not know, but the first
headquarters for the Town of  Blooming Grove Police was located
in the Village of Washingtonville on Goshen Avenue. 
(See Photograph
  This location was set up as a temporary location while the
department was being established.  The rent for the building was
$150.00 a month.  The first Chief of Police was an acting chief,
John Bobot and the first Sergeant was Sgt. Victor Roggia.
The departments matron was the late Judy Meagher.

On February 9, 1976 the Town Board granted authorization to lease 
the police department's first permanent home, located on Route 208.
(See photograph page) 
That location still stands and is now a single
family home.  Monthly rent was $200.00 excluding
utilities.  John Bobot remained Chief of Police until
January 3, 1977 when he relinquished the position to 
Chief, Robert C. Winter. On September 1, 1982, John Bobot
once again became acting Chief of Police. 

In late 1983, Police headquarters moved for the third and final time,
to a new building designed specifically for the Department.
The building, located at the intersection of State Route 94 and Horton
Road was built  for $120,000 and has remained our home since then.

On  January 2, 1984 the town appointed, a new Chief of Police.
Chief James T. Giery, a retired lieutenant from NYC PD
remained Chief until 1994. Our current Chief is
Carl Schupp, a member of the department for over 20 years. 
Chief Schupp  came up through the ranks and  
was appointed to the position of Chief in April of 1994.

We are anticipating a building addition plus a renovation of the 
existing station.  This expansion is slated for this year.  
The department has grown over the years, starting as a
constabulary and eventually evolving into a full time agency.