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On Oct. 26, 2016 at approximately 3:50pm, Blooming Grove Police received a call from Orange and Rockland Utilities stating that a customer had been burglarized by someone claiming to be O&R employees.  The suspect knocked on the rear door of the residence in South Blooming Grove and stated that he worked for O&R and that the power would be getting shut off to the residence over the weekend, so work could be completed on a nearby utility pole.  The suspect then advised that he would be dropping off a generator to the residence, but that he would first have to check the electrical panel box in the basement.  While the suspect was downstairs with the homeowner, an unknown suspect entered the residence removing cash and jewelry.     The Village of Monroe Police Department had a similar incident on the same date, around the same time.  In the Monroe case the suspect stated that he was from the Water Department.  The suspect in both cases is described and a white male in his 30’s, with “bad” or missing teeth.  The suspect in the Blooming Grove case is further as having severe acne with a thin beard and mustache.  All residents are urged to contact police if any type of suspicious activity occurs.  Residents are also urged to ask for proper Identification if someone comes to their door requesting entry into their home.  If there are further concerns or doubts regarding identity please contact the proper agency or Police Department.   



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Snow Ordinance:  The Town of Blooming Grove snow ordinance is in effect.
 From November 1st through April 15th parking on Town Roads is prohibited.
    Please be aware that some Town roads have prohibited parking all through
 the year as well.   For more information follow the link: below

Vehicle & Traffic Laws

Motor Vehicle Equipment:
Any vehicle operating on a public highway with
 studded tires must have those tires removed by April 30th.
Studded tires
 are prohibited from May 1st to October 15th
inclusive, according to section